Welcome to the Tymeshift WFH guide

We know working from home isn’t easy – especially when you didn’t plan to need to get everything set up so quickly. We’re going to do our best to introduce you to the features you’ll need as fast as possible. 

Grab some coffee and give us 20(ish) minutes – we promise we’ll just cover a few quick things to help you get up and running.

In this guide, we explain the basic set up process and how to use the following features in our WFH Plan:

  • Omnichannel Tracking – automatically track all of the time spent on tickets, chats, and calls. 
  • General Tasks –  create custom AUX states to track lunch, breaks, and other non-support activities.
  • Who’s Working –  so you can see what all of your agents are doing in real-time across all channels. 
  • Agent Activity – get a complete picture of each agent’s day.
  • Timecard – agents can view their daily & weekly activity.
  • Themes and channel colors – just because they’re fun!

Before we start, make sure you’ve installed Tymeshift, it takes 2 minutes to get rolling! Then you can configure your account just the way you want it as you read through the guide.

Some Quick Notes

  1. The settings you create in Tymeshift don’t impact your Zendesk account in any way.
  2. If you’re using Zendesk Chat, you can install the Tymeshift for Zendesk Chat App. While it’s a different app, it still keeps all of your data in one place. Curious about why we made a separate app? We explain it here.
  3. Everything in this guide relates to the Admin view in your Tymeshift account:

Now, let’s get started!