Tymeshift vs. Assembled - Tymeshift

Tymeshift has been completely revamped. Take the new version for a spin today!

More bang for your buck than Assembled  

Automated schedules, accurate forecasts, priceless real-time data and the seamless agent experience only a built-for-Zendesk app can provide. Starting at only $15 an agent!

Your company, in great company 

We’re helping all of these teams manage their CX teams.


Features Tymeshift Assembled
Built Specifically for Zendesk X
Free Trial
Pricing Starting at $15 (user/month) Starting at $15 (user/month)
Zendesk Talk Integration X
Automations X
Automated Scheduling
Event-based Metrics X
Raw Data Export X
Agent Gamification Dashboard X
For Any Team Size X

Costs the same, does much more

For as little as $15 an agent, you get the WFM basics, plus Zendesk Talk Integration, automations, raw data export, and event based metrics. Everything you need to empower your agents and managers!



per user / month



per user / month

Beautifully simple WFM

2 minute set-up 

As effortless to implement as it is to get your teams to start using. That’s the magic of a WFM solution made exclusively for Zendesk.

Better forecasts

The data that’s already in Zendesk is automatically transformed into an accurate forecast of future contact volumes and staffing needs.

Introducing Workstreams 

Define types of work your agents do by specific categories and use that info to refine your forecasts. You can even adjust work volume to cover unexpected events.

Automatic Schedules 

A complete schedule is created based on your staffing forecast. Planning agents’ breaks, lunches, and recurring tasks has never been this easy!

Customizable dashboards 

Unique dashboards for each team helps your agents always stay current on their performance metrics & KPIs.

360º Real-time reporting 

View your Agent Activity timelines in real time, at any time and get a detailed, 360 degree view of their day.

Now imagine all these features working for you and your team after a 2 minute setup.

Sounds effortless doesn’t it?