A whole lot of tips

Nothing feels better than a schedule that runs smoothly (well, to us, anyway)! Here are some tips to make that dream a reality using Tymeshift:

Show an agent in their default group

An agent might belong to a few groups. To only view them in their default group:

Go to Admin () > Settings > Global Settings > Show agents only in their default group

Only see the groups that matter to you

Maybe there are some groups that you don’t need to schedule, or maybe you just don’t want to view them in your account right now. Easily hide these groups by clicking on the Setting Icon (next to Groups). It’s important to note that these settings will only change in your Tymeshift account and won’t impact anyone else’s.

View (or don’t) agents without any shifts

It’s easy to see an overview of every agent that is scheduled or every agent that is not scheduled just yet. All you need to do is click the toggle button to Show or Hide agents without shifts.

Looking for a specific agent?

Type the agent’s name in the ‘Filter by name’ field and like magic – they will appear!  FYI – the agent’s name needs to be selected under Groups on the left side to make this happen 🙂

Filter out the noise

Choose how you want to view things with filters like Agent Views, Time Off Type, or by User Profile.

Set an agent’s schedule with the Daily View

It’s SO simple. Just click the agent’s name & add a shift!

Use this week’s schedule next week too

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! If last week’s schedule was a perfect fit, then go to next week’s schedule and click the Copy Previous Week button.

What you planned & what really happened

Compare when an agent was supposed to start or end their days versus when they actually did. Go to your Weekly View and you’ll see the actual start or end time in parentheses.

Select more than one cell

In the Day View, you can select multiple cells at once (and easily unselect all)

  • On a Mac: hold the command key
  • On a PC: hold the control key

Take notes

Give your agents a hand by adding helpful notes for them when you create a template or add a schedule (or even after you’re done). Just click on the Intraday and select Add Notes.

Go ahead – revise your notes!

Need to make a change? Go to the Notes section to hide or edit notes in bulk.

Bulk delete shifts with ease

No need to click on each shift individually to delete it. There are a few ways to quickly bulk delete shifts.

Option 1: Click on the Shift > Select Edit Repeat > Select Delete

Option 2: Select all of the shifts on the same days by:

Going to the Weekly View > Click on the Dates > Click on Delete Shifts

Option 3: Select all of the shifts for the same agent by:

Going to the Weekly or Monthly View > Click on the Agent’s Name > Click Delete Shifts

Change your mind? Undo your last action

All you need to do is click on the small back arrow to undo your last action(s).

Increase your view

To get a better view, collapse the side and top bars by clicking on the arrows (as demonstrated below).

See the details or the big picture

Use the Zoom button on the top right corner in the Daily View to see exactly what you want.

Make your schedule official

When you’re done making changes and ready to rock, you can lock your schedule by pushing the lock icon. This prevents people from making more changes. Any Manager with ‘Full access’ can unlock it.

Time travel through past & future schedules

It’s simple to go back in time or forward to the future. Just click on the year and then the month in your calendar and the schedule for that month will appear.