Time to build your Team Schedule

This is a legacy feature that is no longer available for customers who signed up for Tymeshift after July 27th, 2022. If you are using a new Automatic Schedule, head over here to learn more about it!

Now that you’re all set with Shift Templates, it’s time to start making schedules for your team. Hooray!

There are two ways to create Team Schedules using Tymeshift. Both ways will allow you to create a shift for a specific date or for a period (repeating shifts).
  • Add a Shift: with this option, you can create shifts that repeat (shocking, we know). This is useful for schedules that happen at regular intervals.
  • Bulk Schedule: this option is the faster way to create Team Schedules, especially if you’re using intraday.


How to Add a Shift

Now, you can learn how to create your Repeating Shifts by reading the Help Center article or watching the video below.


How to Bulk Schedule

Read the Bulk Schedule Help Center article or watch a quick video right below.


How to edit your Schedule

Depending on the type of change you’d like to make, you can either use the Weekly or the Daily Schedule View.

  • Weekly View: use this one if you need to make significant changes to several future dates. For example, if you need to change the start or end time or the entire intraday. Go to the Weekly View, and right-click on the shift you’d like to edit, then click on Edit Repeat.
  • Daily View: you should use this if you need to make little intraday changes on a specific day. Go to the Daily View and from there you can change the intraday by left-clicking on the colorful squares.

Now that you have your Schedule all set, you can measure your agents’ Schedule Adherence. To see the Schedule Adherence, go to the Agent Activity and Summary Report. You can even show it to your agents via a useful Scorecard.

Quick Tips

  • You can check how many agents are scheduled for each task and every 30min time slot by scrolling down on your Daily View.
  • Warning: until you hit the Publish button (it’s on the top right corner of your screen), the new schedule won’t be visible to your agents. Once you publish the schedule, the shift will change colors from red to green. This feature allows you to double check that your schedule is fully optimized before you share it with your team.
  • You can let agents know when their schedule is updated by notification or by email. Head over to Schedule Settings< to change your notification preferences. Extra tip – disable this option when you start playing around with Tymeshift Schedule so your team doesn’t get confusing notifications that aren’t relevant to them.
  • If you want to give your agents some Time Off (how nice!) then click on Add Time Off in the top right corner. You can also customize the types of Time Off under your Schedule Settings.