Go all Marie Kondo on your schedules!

This is a legacy feature that is no longer available for customers who signed up for Tymeshift after July 27th, 2022. The functionality in this feature is now available in Schedules.

If you’re using spreadsheets to schedule your team – STOP right now.

Okay, maybe that was a bit forceful. Our point is that you can save a ton of time using Tymeshift Scheduling, which means more time to focus on other tasks.

We know that some of you prefer to read while others like watching videos better. This guide is structured so you can do whichever you want. The videos give you a bit more context, while the articles link to our Help Center for more details.

Keep in mind this guide will walk you through the setup of our Manual Schedule option, and if you’d like to opt for some automagic, head over here to learn about our Automated Schedule feature!

Before starting, here are some important notes:

  1. If you want to edit a Schedule, you’ll need Manager Full Access Permissions. Here’s how to check that:
  2. This guide covers all things Schedule – here’s what that looks like in the Tymeshift app:
  3. When we refer to Schedule Settings in this guide, we mean the ones you can access on the bottom left of your screen (like in the screenshot below).