Approve Those Requests!

This is a legacy feature that is no longer available for customers who signed up for Tymeshift after July 27th, 2022. The functionality in this feature is now available in Time Off Management.

With Tymeshift Schedule, your agents can do the following:

However, for these changes to become official, they need to be approved first. Once an agent trades a shift, requests time off, or picks up an unassigned shift, the request automatically goes to an approval queue.


How to manage your approval queue

Step 1 – Go to Approvals  ()
Step 2 – You’ll see all of the Pending Requests
Step 3 – Approve or Decline each request

Quick Tips

  • You can go to Schedule Settings to define conditions like which of your agents can Trade Shifts with each other.
  • You can allow agents to Trade Shifts and pick up Unassigned Shifts without a manager’s approval if you’d like.
  • You can disable these features in the Schedule Settings if your agents aren’t going to need them.