How to Analyze Agent Productivity

IMPORTANT: This is a legacy feature that is no longer available for customers who signed up for Tymeshift after July 27th, 2022. The functionality of this feature is now available in Reports.

Now that you can see who your top performers are and who needs more help, it’s time to dive in and figure out how you can work to get the best from your team. Here’s where you’ll be using the Summary Report. It’s not going to be an everyday thing – more like a weekly check-in.

Since the Summary Report() is filled with useful possibilities, we’ll walk you through it step-by-step.


If you want to run a report for a specific time period, simply go to the parameters section. You can also decide to Group the Summary Report for up to three levels.

Not sure how you want to Group things? Here are some ideas:

  • By only Agents
  • By Groups and then by Agents (which will allow you to analyze who are the top/lower performers for each group)
  • By Brands (if you are using Multi-brand in Zendesk)
  • By Agents and Ticket Fields (which will help you to understand which types of tickets are taking the most time to complete)
  • And much more!

Occupancy Rate

Let’s Group by Agent and run a Report by selecting just the Occupancy Rate metric.

What does it show you?

The amount of Untracked Time has a direct impact on the Occupancy Rate. If Untracked Time is high, then the Occupancy Rate is low.

How to improve the Occupancy Rate & lower the amount of Untracked Time

  • Start Coaching: Make sure agents are switching to General Tasks when they do activities outside of Zendesk.
  • Set Up Rules: Create Rules so that any agent who is clocked into Untracked Time for 10-minutes will get a notification. Then, set a second Rule so that an agent’s manager will be notified if the agent is still on Untracked Time after 20-minutes.

Important Metrics

Now that you understand the Occupancy Rate for your team, you can begin tracking more metrics to learn more ways to coach them. Go here for more information about how we calculate our metrics.

Analyzing your team’s performance takes a combination of many KPIs. Productivity can’t be valued over quality and vice versa – you need to find a balance between the two. It will take time and critical evaluation, but your entire team will benefit.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the metrics you can combine:

  • Occupancy Rate (or Utilization).
  • Productivity: Solved Tickets, Public Comments, Handled Tickets. The “per hour” metrics are also useful especially during peak season. Check the Skip Rate and/or Unattended Tickets to learn how often an agent loses time checking tickets they don’t actually work on (this can be a real productivity killer).
  • Satisfaction: CSAT score or First Response Time (FRT).

Quick Tips