Ready to run your first Forecast? 

All you need is as little as 30 days of data in your Zendesk account and some Workstreams.

We will deep-dive into Workstreams later. For now, think of Workstreams as your regular Zendesk channels.

Time to listen to David; he’ll tell you how to:

  • Run your Forecast
  • Read your inbound volumes
  • Switch views

You can also combine Workstreams. For instance, if you want to see the volume for live channels, you can create a folder and combine Chats and Voice.

Quick Tips

  • The more data in your Zendesk account, the more accurate your prediction will be, so predictions keep improving all the time as more data gets logged.
  • By default, you should see 3 workstreams in your account: Tickets, Chats & Voice.
  • Your inbound volume chart will contain a dot that marks where the historical data ends and the Forecast begins. Every time you recalculate the Forecast, the mark will move accordingly.