Predict your staffing needs

Based on the Forecast volume, Tymeshift will also show you the staff count needed to handle the expected volume in the FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) section.

On the bottom-right of your Forecast, you’ll see parameters called FTE Count Parameters. You can set your Occupancy, Average Handle Time, First Response Time targets, and Shrinkage to see how they impact your projection.

Beyond being fun to play around with, they are incredibly important for customizing your Forecast. They let you see how your goals & SLAs will change the number of agents you need to complete your workload.

Quick Tips

  • FTE Parameters can be set up differently for each Workstream. 
  • Occupancy – the industry standard is between 75% – 85%.
  • Shrinkage – the % of unscheduled or scheduled activities (vacations, sick days, leave, etc.), which prevents employees from performing their work. The industry standard is approximately 15-35%.
  • You can easily measure your Occupancy, AHT, and First Response Time with Tymeshift.