How often is data imported from Zendesk? 
Data from Zendesk is imported in real-time.

How far ahead will I be able to create a Forecast?
Currently, Tymeshift will generate a forecast equivalent to half the duration of historical data available in your Tymeshift account, up to one year. For example, if you have two years of data, we can create a full one year forecast. However, if you only have 30 days of data, our forecast algorithm will only generate a 15-day forecast. We are working to expand the scope of this feature to create forecasts for an even larger window of time.

Can I extract the Forecast data?
Yes, you can do that for both, volume and FTE calculations. First, select to view table data instead of the chart and then click on the CSV icon on the top right corner of the table. The file will be saved in your downloads folder.

Do these forecasts translate into scheduling automatically, or would I still need to make manual changes to adjust that coverage?
It doesn’t translate into our current scheduling feature. It allows you to see your needs which you can then use to build your schedules. Later this year, we will have an automated schedule that will use your forecast to automatically generate a schedule.

What if I have more questions about Forecast?
Please contact our team with any questions you have. They are always happy to help!