Seamless Agent Experience - Tymeshift

Tymeshift has been completely revamped. Take the new version for a spin today!

Easier to use and faster to learn: give your agents a seamless experience

As Tymeshift is a built-for-zendesk WFM solution, your agents can do everything they have to directly on Zendesk.

Agent Schedules right where you need them

Agents get a seamless experience all right in Zendesk – no need to look elsewhere for their schedules.

Effortless & Automatic Time Clock

No extra steps! Time is automatically tracked as agents go about their days.

Lunches, Breaks, Meetings & More

Agents can easily clock into other activities using the General Tasks you define.

Use Metrics for Good

Empower your agents by being transparent about their KPIs and letting them take charge of their performance.

What more can you do with Tymeshift?

Manage your team in real time

Not sure what your agents are focussed on? Need more info on what’s going on so you can make the right call at the right time? Set up dashboards to keep an eye on all the metrics that matter to you.

Know how many agents you need

You never need to be over- or under-staffed again. Our forecast feature lets you know how many support agents you’ll need throughout the day and in each channel. 

Create automatic schedules

Spending too much time and effort set up intraday plans for your teams?
With the click of a button, you can generate detailed and adjustable plans – complete with breaks, lunches and recurring tasks.

The only WFM you can spin up in minutes.

Or, talk to sales.