Welcome to the Customizable Dashboards Guide!

You’ve spoken and we’ve delivered!

With the Real-Time Customizable Dashboards, you can create unique dashboards for each team to always stay current on their performance metrics & KPIs. You can easily see who’s working and on what tasks, how your real-time volume and forecast differ so you can adjust things on the fly.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up Customizable Dashboards and how to get most of them. To cut the story short, with this feature you will be able to:

  • Create multiple Customizable dashboards
  • Have multiple Widgets in one Dashboard
  • Track team’s performance and current tasks in real-time
  • Set specific goals and monitor goal progress

So let’s start building your first dashboard!

Quick Note

We know that some of you prefer to read while others like watching short videos better. In this guide, we will use short videos recorded by our CEO, David, and Product Manager, MJ, to give you a bit more context.

But if you prefer reading, you can check out our dedicated Help Center about Customizable Dashboards.