Tymeshift | Modern Workforce Management for Zendesk

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The fastest WFM
on the planet.

Beautifully simple scheduling, a forecast you can trust, and real-time reports to deliver better customer service.


How it works

Better Forecasts with Tymeshift


Predict your staffing needs

Granularly forecast using Zendesk data to build a schedule that optimizes workload, lowers cost, and lays the foundation for great customer service.

Automatic Scheduling with Tymeshift


Build a schedule from your forecast

Define when breaks, lunches, & and other non-support activities need to occur, and we’ll take care of the rest.

A Zendesk native agent experience (including a Google Calendar integration)

Zendesk Native

A beautifully simple agent XP — right inside of Zendesk

Agents can view their schedule, request time off, and all of their Zendesk activity is automatically tracked, allowing your team to take care of the customer — not manage another tool.

Real-Time Monitoring with Tymeshift

Real-Time Monitor

Visibility into agent activity, attendance & adherence

A timeline of all your agents’ Zendesk activity,
schedule adherence, talk state, and attendance to find coaching opportunities that improve productivity.

Tymeshift's Analytics Suite

Analytics Suite

The most powerful WFM Reporting on the planet

Get executive-level insight on your team’s performance and drill as deep as needed to know how to move the needle on your metrics.

A blazingly fast experience

Meet your new best friend

Fly through your day with hotkeys and a platform built for speed.

Made for the modern enterprise

99.9% Uptime

Okta, Azure, OneLogin & Google SSO

GDPR Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

SOC-2 Compliant

SSL Labs Rating A+

We’re not for everyone.
Made exclusively for Zendesk.

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